rural development solutions begin with adalto.

We offer professional know-how and services for short & long term projects in diverse areas of activity in sustainable rural development. Our small teams of the sharpest minds in the industry deliver solutions faster.

ICT for Development

Adalto facilitates market-led development for sustainable economic growth and improved livelihoods. With almost six years of experience from rural development, income diversification and local government reform, Adalto is very well positioned to translate Business for Developemnt, Governance for Growth or Making Markets Work For The Poor concepts into concrete and doable interventions, making them more equitable and environmentally and socially sustainable.

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Agriculture development

Adalto applies a flexible and integrated approach in its work with a focus on environmentally sustainable production, agri-value chains and empowerment of individual producers and their associations. After analysing local conditions, Adalto advisors help remove growth constraints and balance food security with market-driven production needs.

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Results Based Monitoring

Results Based Monitoring (RBM) distinctly focuses on programme performance and achievement of intended or unintended outputs, outcomes or impacts. As project management specialists, Adalto translates this approach into concrete methods and tool boxes within projects or for external evaluation.

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